My paintings currently refer to the tension between the natural and urban landscape and often the encroachment of one by the other. I am interested in the quality/substance of the paint itself and search for a sense of presence and atmosphere through the materials, the form and colour.

Urban wastelands, demolished buildings, weathered surfaces, archaeological excavations and construction sites are hinted at through lyrical abstraction and are characterized by an atmospheric use of muted ochres, chalky greys/whites and deep earth colours.

The paint is applied in layers, then scraped back and worked into, creating a rich surface where shapes are revealed. It is the sense of place, the passage of time as well as the traces left by human activity in the environment which forms a focus for the work.

There are over 60 images on the site, including finished works, studies and drawings from sketchbooks.

Most of the paintings are for sale. If you are interested in any of them, please get in contact by email and I will send you details of price etc.